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Stephen & Stephen Chartered Project Managers is committed to helping our clients' business improve significantly by deploying systematic new solutions, reallocating resources more effectively, identifying waste and leakages and ensuring better adaptability throughout the organization.  

We offer a no success, no fee guarantee for clients who are eligible to participate in our resource waste reduction scheme. This is our way of creating our mark in the industry.  Stephen & Stephen Chartered Project Managers will make a real difference in your project.

Specialist areas

Resource Management
Strategic Planning
Team Coaching and Onboarding
Implementation and Execution Planning
Workflow Guidance

We deliver local projects using global best practices.

Project Execution Strategists

We assist our clients to determine and establish the project goals, mission and objectives and structure the execution activities around these.

Project Governance

We believe that no two projects are the same. Our Project management consultants team up with our clients to establish best practices for each part of the organization by developing standardized methodologies that streamline workflows and enable greater efficiency and accuracy. 

Implementation Planning

We aid our clients to plan their project next steps to ensure a successful, efficient, implementation and completion of their projects. We do this by providing an organizational framework, enabling each team member to know their responsibilities within the hierarchy and scope for decision-making authority. 

Retrospectives Documentation

At Stephen & Stephen CPM, we do not only learn from experience, we learn more by reflecting on experience. We take Project Retrospective very seriously and we dedicate time to reviewing every completed project and learn from both the successes and the failures so the team and organization can improve how they work going forward.

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