Our Expertise

Project Governance

Our job is to keep the overview of your project's progress and track project success. Our team will also train and mentor our clients' subordinate project managers and project team leads to inculcate project management best practices and enrich their skillset. 

Resource & Waste Management

Our consultants will manage clients' project interdependencies between projects, identify ways to minimize resource waste, reduce work errors that lead to work repetition.

Occupational Training

Providing support to projects under a specific line of business within the organization. Tasks include team training, resource budgeting, and program orchestration.

Strategic Planning

Our Project Management consultants will assist organizations to prioritize long and medium-term project plans and implement those plans into timelines with concrete roles, objectives, tasks, and progress milestones.

Project Execution Strategy

We assist to determine and establish the goals, mission and objectives of your projects and use it to plan your execution activities.

Retrospectives & Lessons Learned

At the end of each project cycle, our consultants will also facilitate the retrospective, which helps the team to better understand what went well and what requires more improvement. Our team of experts find out what’s not working and spend time finding solutions that will enable them to develop a new plan of action against the future. This continuous iteration and improvement are the hallmarks of Stephen & Stephen Chartered Project Managers.

Facilitate Sprints

Our Project Managers collaborate with and support team members to implement Sprints and stay close to the team as they work to assess efficiency, ensure high-quality deliverables and achievement of strategic goals.  

Implementation Planning

Our project management consultant role includes aspects of planning, organizing, staffing, executing and governing that will maximize productivity and minimize the margin of error.

Our PM specialists will develop the standard methodologies used to execute tasks and projects so that they can be perfected and repeated. This reduces the propensity for error and enhances productivity throughout the organization.

Waterfall Project Management

Our consultants will assist you to utilize traditional Waterfall Project Management relies on predictive plan-driven approaches to deliver projects in a structured, controlled, and phased manner. Waterfall Project Management is commonly applied in work environments with stable priorities and requirements.

Agile Project Management

Our Agile Project Managers will to break down projects into milestone deliverables that are done in working sessions referred to as “Sprints”. They also periodically meet with upper-level management for “Scrum” sessions which incorporate a process of teamwork, accountability, and iteration to continue to improve workflows

PMO  Implementation

 We can support your PMO Implementation effort. Whether is to:

- Help define its role and responsibilities 

- Define its reporting structure and fit within the corporate hierarchy

- Align its objectives with overall corporate strategies

- Coach its staff with their new roles and responsibilities

- Contact us and one of our senior consultants will review your needs and help establish a roadmap to success.

Team Training

Team training and bonding is a vital success ingredient for any project.  Our project management consulting includes partnering with upper-management to identify areas for team training and providing training documentation, and effective communication to identify areas of risk that require implementation of new systems and training.  

We are here to help

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